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Journal Papers and Book Chapters

Predicting the Moral Consideration of Artificial Intelligences

Computers in Human Behavior

Jun 28 2022

Consciousness Semanticism: A Precise Eliminativist Theory of Consciousness

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

March 28 2022

The Moral Consideration of Artificial Entities: A Literature Review

Science and Engineering Ethics

August 9 2021

Moral Circle Expansion: A Promising Strategy to Impact the Far Future


April 30 2021

Institutional Change and the Limitations of Consumer Activism

Palgrave Communications

Feb 12 2020

Cell-Cultured Meat: Lessons from GMO Adoption and Resistance


Dec 1 2019

[French] Maladies, Blessures, Faim… Les Animaux Sauvages Souffrent. Nous Devrions les Aider

Les Cahiers antispécistes

Apr 4 2018

An Empirical Perspective on Animal Advocacy

Animal Sentience

Mar 24 2016


Key Questions for Digital Minds

Sentience Institute

Mar 6 2023

The Future Might Not Be So Great

Sentience Institute

Jun 30 2022

Escaping the Vegan Echo Chamber

Arc Digital

June 23 2020

Utilitarianism in an Age of Moral Turbulence

Arc Digital

May 28 2020

Joaquin Phoenix is Right: Animal Farming is a Moral Atrocity

New York Daily News

Feb 13 2020

A Foie Gras Ban is Overdue

The Guardian

Nov 1 2019

The Impossible Goodness of the Impossible Burger

Beacon Press

Aug 29 2019

What’s the Beef With Calling a Veggie Burger a Veggie Burger?

Beacon Press

Jul 9 2019

China and India Could Lead the Way in Adopting 'Clean Meat'

The Guardian

Mar 3 2019

What PETA Has Cost the Animal Rights Movement


Dec 28 2018

Emptying the Cages (Book Excerpt)

The Progressive

Dec 1 2018

Vegan? Here's How to Talk to Your Family on Thanksgiving

New York Daily News

Nov 22 2018

There's No Such Thing as Humane Meat or Eggs. (Book Excerpt)

The Guardian

Nov 16 2018

‘Clean Meat,’ the Future of Vegetarianism

National Review

Nov 6 2018

Why It’s Time to End Factory Farming


Oct 20 2018

Slaughter-Free Meat Is An Answer To Our Cruel And Broken Food System

Huffington Post

Oct 19 2018

China Could Become the Clean Meat Capital of the World


Aug 26 2018

Is 'Clean Meat' the Solution to Industrial Animal Farming?

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Jun 25 2018

The Convergent Case for Veganism


Mar 27 2018

Why I Prioritize Moral Circle Expansion over Artificial Intelligence Alignment

Effective Altruism Forum

Feb 20 2018

Steven Pinker argues the world is getting better. What about animals?


Feb 19 2018

Institutions like the WHO Play Key Role in the Animal-Free Food Movement

Huffington Post

May 23 2017

The Animal-Free Food Movement Should Focus Primarily on Animal Protection Arguments


Dec 2 2016

The Animal-Free Food Movement Should Move Towards An Institutional Message


Oct 20 2016

#iSTANDfor: Animal Rights

Onassis Foundation

Sep 17 2016

Why Animals Matter for Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism Forum

Aug 22 2016

Animal Rights Organizations Detail Huge Victories at National Conference

Huffington Post

Jul 11 2016

Animal Protection Groups Discuss Effective Strategies at “Sentience Conference”

Huffington Post

May 24 2016

The Moral Demand for Cultured Meat


Feb 13 2016

Some Considerations for Different Ways to Reduce X-Risk

Effective Altruism Forum

Feb 4 2016

Why Is It So Hard To Care About Large Groups Of Animals?

The Dodo

Jan 26 2016

How Can You Help Animals in 2016? Take the “Giving What We Can“ Pledge

Huffington Post

Jan 4 2016

Wild Animals Endure Illness, Injury, and Starvation. We Should Help.


Dec 14 2015

What the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Could Do for Animals

Huffington Post

Dec 2 2015

Even at Whole Foods' Best Farm, Turkeys Suffer

Huffington Post

Nov 25 2015

Why EA Events Should Be (At Least) Vegetarian

Effective Altruism Forum

Nov 13 2015

Eating Chickens Is a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Huffington Post

Oct 30 2015

Woman Charged With Criminal Mischief for Giving Water to Thirsty Animals

Huffington Post

Oct 15 2015

The New Favorite Charities of Animal Lovers

Huffington Post

Aug 31 2015

White Papers

Social Movement Lessons From the British Antislavery Movement

Sentience Institute

Dec 1 2017

Survey of US Attitudes Towards Animal Farming and Animal-Free Food October 2017

Sentience Institute

Nov 20 2017

Effective Animal Advocacy Researcher Survey 2017

Sentience Institute

Jun 15 2017

Summary of Evidence for Foundational Questions in Effective Animal Advocacy

Sentience Institute

Jun 2 2017

Online Ads Evaluation

Animal Charity Evaluators

Aug 15 2016

Some Thoughts on Our Cost-effectiveness Estimates

Animal Charity Evaluators

Apr 21 2016

Undercover Investigations Evaluation

Animal Charity Evaluators

Apr 8 2016

Essay on Confrontation, Consumer Action, and Triggering Events

Jul 14 2015

The 2014 Survey of Effective Altruists: Results and Analysis

Effective Altruism Forum

Mar 17 2015

Testing the Effectiveness of Animal Advocacy Messages with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mar 5 2015

What Is It Like to Be an Invertebrate?

Nov 2014